Saturday, 8 June 2013

Central Monitoring System (CMS) of India under question mark!

News agencies report that "Central Monitoring System (CMS) initiated by UPA Govt.has come under question a day after it was revealed that the US’ National Security Agency has been monitoring data of mobile phone users.

The UPA government introduced CMS in Parliament in 2012, and it was rolled out in April 2013.The system is expected to enable the government to monitor all phone and internet communications in the country.

Indian activists too have raised concerns that the CMS will inhibit them from expressing their opinions and sharing information. Experts say such surveillance capabilities have purposely been used around the world to target critics, journalists, and human rights activists."

It seems that surveillance capabilities of CMS introduced by UPA may hinder privacy and freedom of of the Indian people and be misused in vested interest as NSA of US has set example already... 

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