Friday, 21 June 2013

When a Chief Minister talks rackless

It is known to all that loosing reasons give the birth of rackless comments.Continuous failure to curb rape and murder of girls,women in West Bengal and to hide worthlessness of the TMC Government from the eyes of public has provoked the CM to make her latest comment as "Those who discuss rape on TV have links with porn".

As West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee told an election meeting at Galsi in Burdwan on  Thursday that many of the "so-called intellectuals and social workers" who went on television to discuss rape in Bengal were "associated with pornography".

Media has brought her latest comment as above.The comment was made in connection with the recent rape cum murder case of Kamduni seems to mitigate the public reaction fixing blame on other.More over when the wound of Park Street rape story smell till not abated and another one is ready to prove the Govt.'s incapability normally one may loose the reason and make rackless comment.

In past days also the public of West Bengal had heard many such type of negatively approached comments made to hide the actual situation from their CM.When one is tired of hiding the truths may comment rackless.

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