Monday, 22 July 2013

HRD has woke up : Committee to monitor Midday Meal

Human Resource Development of India has woke up from sleep after the death of 22 school children in Bihar, who took Mid-day-meal.
The pilot of the MDM scheme being HRD has decided to set a committee for better monitoring and to review the implementation of the scheme reported by the media.
Although, this is too late as India has lost it’s 22 children due to the bad governance of the concerned. HRD ministry has claimed today that it had alerted 12 Bihar districts after shortcomings were found in executing the scheme.
Blaming others to hide own shortcomings is an favorite art among Ministers in India. Saying sorry for the situation is not enough on the part of HRD.Who take Mid Day Meal? Definitely a son or daughter of a poor class,not a son or daughter of a Minister.
Late than never,as HRD minister said “We have decided to form another committee which will look into the qualitative aspect of implementation of the programme, the quality of the food that is supplied, the effectiveness of the supply chain and the hygiene of the place where it is cooked”[From Tuffer, Posted on .]

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