Saturday, 8 March 2014

Scam and corruption will be main issues for ensuing L.S. poll

Ensuing LS poll of India is at door step of Indian people. Different political parties are knocking the door of voters along withe their election manifesto in different unique styles.But coming LS poll is having two special aspects which were not much important during past LS poll of India.

Increased number of young voters almost in every Lok Sabha Constituency  will be a great factor for 2014 LS poll. of India, who are having a common thinking against corruption. They not only hate corruption and corrupted leaders, they do not have much faith on current Indian political trends.and system. For example we can set that recent rise of  AAP in Delhi confirms the trend.

Issue of scams and corruption may take the place on top in this election. Voters of all age may act negatively for the parties who are known for much scams and corrupt activities. Most of the voters believe that hiked in market price is the resultant of those scams and corruption.

It seems that a fore said issues may appear as vital issues during the LS poll and parties who are responsible for gross scams and corruption may face a negativity from the voters of India. 
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