Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Gopal Krishna Gandhi says CBI is department of dirty tricks

New Delhi:  While celebrating 50 years completion function , the CBI got an embarrassing remark  from its own guest speaker, former West Bengal governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi, who described the investigating agency as the government's hatchet and dirty tricks department.


"The CBI has a very mixed image. Not all of it is flattering. It is seen as Government's hatchet, rather than honesty's ally. It is often called DDT - meaning not dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, the colorless, tasteless, odorless insecticide it should be, but the Department of Dirty Tricks," Mr Gandhi said at the DP Kohli Memorial Lecture organized by the CBI.This perception, however valid, needs to change, he added.


In presence of several senior officers of the investigating agency the former bureaucrat shared his sharp critique and argued for bringing the agency within the Right to Information Act. "The CBI is clothed in opacity, then ornamented by secrecy and finally perfumed by mystery," he said. This is reported by news agencies. Read More Here

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