Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Indian people should be aware of politician class

Now common people of India is struggling against a specific class. Ensuing LS poll  will be highly significant for the Indian people. Indian voters have to decide their roll now. Although political parties of India cunningly trying to get  voters to their court by placing before the people their so called different manifestos.

Some one is focusing Gujrat model,someone is against of it.Some one is talking against scams and corruption and some one is acting as if doing scams was their rights.Some one is talking about third front and some one is defying the same.However,all these are coming from a new class of India called "Politicians".This new class's aim is to enjoy power by hook and crook.

As per Indian constitution people of India is the generator of power and the generated power used to snatched and enjoyed by the Politician class. Right after Independence to till date the people of India is suffering from the crimes and scams committed by the politician class against them. Few months ago people of India tried to be united under the leadership of some civil activists They were  on road against whom? Move was actually against the said new class of India.

One might have observed that against the people's move all the political parties and politicians were united and the politician class succeeded to make scatter the actual people's movement. People of India should not step inside the fatal trap of politician classes and before casting their vote they should think wisely whom to support and not to.

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