Sunday, 18 May 2014

India got a real leader

ModiThe era of Narendra Modi has been initiated by the Indian people. Indian people has awarded landslide victory to Narendra Modi and his NDA alliance and has taken him to the pinnacle of power trusting on his extensive, innovating and satisfying approach. Although Modi's victory had been criticized negatively as peoples anger against UPA and Congress by some of his party leaders during last few days could be called as childish or these leaders are not understanding the direction of people's mandate.

Today Modi has remarked that Non-NDA parties may have to form alliance for opposition status,also said this would be for the first time in the history of the country when parties outside the ruling coalition may have to form an alliance to formally attain the status of an opposition in Parliament. This is significant the current mandate has overridden all the bad labels like "Hindutva", "Assassinator of Mahatma Gandhi" etc from the profile of BJP, which had been using by the Congress, SP, CPM and other many political parties for at least last 65 years to keep BJP and RSS out of power. This is the great credit of Modi  by whom those bad labels are overridden and which could not be happened during the regime of Bajpayee-Adwani.

And making fool the people of India Congress and other parties of same feather who had been acting against BJP and RSS, enjoyed power with resultant corruption and heavy scams. But this time overwhelming mandate has shown the wisdom of the people. Wise Political leaders should understand the people's mandate and be refrain from negatively criticize the people's mandate at least for their future wellness. 

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