Saturday, 14 June 2014

Perhaps Congress could not understand the mandate of LS poll 2014

2014 LS poll is over Indian people has given mandate to Modi and BJP to run the country. But country is watching that Congress  has been continuing Modi's leg pulling shamelessly from the first day of his Prime Minister ship with various imaginary arguments most of which are absurd . Congress may think that by this technique they are proving their existence in Indian politics or by this they will succeed to  mislead people as usual once again. But,people of India perhaps might be watching all these activities of Congress adversely as Congress is speaking against their mandate. let us review a current media news which is as follows:

"Modi still in ‘campaign mode, can’t believe he is PM’: Cong"

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his remarks that the previous UPA dispensation led by it had "left everything empty", Congress today said he is still in "campaign mode" and cannot believe that he is now leading the government.

"It seems Modi-ji still can't believe that he is the Prime Minister. He is still in the campaign mode. He is the Prime Minister of the country. He should act as the Prime Minister, not as a Leader of Opposition," said party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed.

Addressing BJP workers in Panaji, Modi had earlier said, "I have taken over the reins of the country in circumstances when there is nothing left behind by the previous government. They left everything empty. The country's financial health has hit the bottom."

Now if one think that after doing tons of scams and criminal activities against the people Congress should refrain from such nasty politics rather can be called as "polluted tricks" will that be a nonsense?
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