Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sidharth Nath Singh on Kunal Ghosh issue-Press Statement

Subject: Press statement of Sh Sidharth Nath Singh , National Secretary & BJP Bengal Incharge

Suicide attempt by Mr Kunal Ghosh in jail raises questions.
Many had suspected of political motive behind the arrest of Kunal Ghosh because he had started to expose senior TMC leaderships involvement in Shardha Chit fund scam. He had also spoken about his life being in danger under Bengal police custody. Few days back he had threaten to commit suicide if certain leadership of TMC like Mukul Roy and Madan Mitra are not arrested under Shardha scam. CBI being independent will follow their own line of investigation, however what is alarming is that Bengal police and the jail authorities allowed Kunal Ghosh to commit suicide inside the jail after he had already made his intention clear. Since Kunal Ghosh is a prime witness to Shardha scam it was imperative for Bengal police to be more alert and should have monitored 24x7 Kunal Ghosh . Therefore the approach of Jail authorities raises further questions , whether it was suicide attempt or political motive of allowing him to commit suicide? Also it is important to know how the drugs slipped into his room?

BJP demands that CBI should investigate also the suicide attempt of Kunal Ghosh and under the process of law ensure a safer custody of Shardha scam's prime witness.



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