Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Why Google is acting against BJP and RSS

www.Tuffer.Org used to found on first page of Google search and other search engines like Yahoo,Msn using the key word "tuffer"by our visitors. Tuffer.Org is one of the TOP Viewed site mostly by dedicated BJP and RSS workers and well wishers as Tuffer.Org had been a greatest source of news and views from RSS,BJP,PMO specially in West Bengal and in Eastern region of India.

But from yesterday we have been receiving communications from our visitors that Google has removed Tuffer.Org from their first page of search result using the key word "tuffer". But it is available on Google search if "" is used as key word. This is a very tactful usual technique of Google to hinder something which they do not like. Probably Google do not liking progress of BJP and RSS in West Bengal including Eastern region of India and perhaps this USA based Company is engaged in hindering the diligent endeavor of Tuffer.Org.

As one can find in Internet that TMC run websites are getting great projections from Google specially in West Bengal and Eastern region of India.

We can recall the mentality of USA Govt. for a VISA for our Prime Minister Narendra Modi just few months back,of course Mr.Modi was not PM that time and one should always try to understand and judge the motive of these USA based Companies who have came India to earn money and to enrich USA economy, also a kind of incognito colonial move as British rulers of India.

Tuffer.Org feels that time has come to restrict Google from such incognito activities as well as their business in India. Govt. of India should be keenly vigilant on these foriegn Internet based companies with appropriate measure.However,as till India could not developed any good search engine,our visitors can use Yahoo or MSN search engines using the key word "tuffer" to visit this site.

Copy of this article has been sent to PMO India and to SS Ahluwalia Campaign Office LS2014  for necessary action.

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