Monday, 8 December 2014

Protest by RSS aide wings against attack on Datta Peetha pilgrims

RSS aide wings like VHP, Bajrangadal, Hindu Jagarana Vedike and other like-minded organisations staged massive protest  in different parts, in and around Mangaluru as part of the Bandh called by VHP and Bajrangadal against the attack on Datta Peetha pilgrims on the night of December 5 at Ulaibettu, near Mangaluru.

Addressing the meeting, BJP Leader Tejaswini Gowda said, “We feel like we were not born in Hindusthan. All this is happening because of the Congress party. We have ruled our country by surrendering our swords. We know how to rule.” Alleging that the stones at the protest were pelted by Muslims, she said, “We are not mad to throw stones at our own members. This was done by Muslims. “Hindus are peace-loving people, but if even one Hindu is provoked, then it is very diffcult to make him quiet again,” she added. “I will be there with you whenever there is a problem or whenever you need me. Those who are using swords should be arrested,” Tejaswini told the gathering, adding, “You should be ready to sacrifice your life to protect Hindutva.”

Sri Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Gurpur Vajradehi Matha said, “Today’s protest shows the kind of strength we have. Even though we did not get a chance to go into Ulaibettu, we are winners. We will go to Ulaibettu in the coming days. Some threw stones but we are not worried about that, because we are united and even women have joined to support us. “Do not lose patience. Do not take law into your hands,” he added. Read more here

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