Thursday, 29 January 2015

Hindu Muslim population percentage in India : A study

Increase in Muslim %, alarming decline in Hindu % in India
 The data of the 2011 census is not yet officially out, but The Times of India and The Indian Express have told what is in it. The UPA government did not release the data in 2014 before the elections for fear that the BJP may gain. I have been saying this for many years.

    Hindu population in divided India goes below 80%, it is just 78.35% as per the 2011 census, even more decline than what I had estimated.

    This Indian Express report gives 2 factual errors, the Hindu population at time of Partition was not 66%, it was 73% in United India and 80% in Divided India and in 1951, the Hindu population in Divided India was 85%, not 84%.

    The Hindu population in Divided India has declined stunningly in the last 2 decades- from 82.6% in 1991 to 80.5% in 2001, to 78.35% in 2011, more than 4.2% decline in just 20 years!

    Hindu population in United India (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh together) was 79% in 1881- at the time of the first census. It reduced to 73% at the time of Partition in 1947, reduced consistently to be 67% in 1991, and is now around 62%. The Muslim population in United India has risen from 19% in 1881 to 36% in 2011 now.

No power on earth can prevent Muslims from becoming the majority in United India now, as Pakistan and Bangladesh are beyond our control. At most, we can delay it by a couple of decades, say from 2047 when this is most likely to happen to 2061 or 2071. What is in our hands is to prevent Muslims from becoming a majority in Divided India.

    The Hindu population in Divided India in 2011 is just 78.35%, even lesser than the 79% that it was in United India in 1881 meaning that in a few short decades Partition-like situation will arise again.

    Two things have remained constant- the decline in % of Hindus since 1881 in United India, and in Divided India since 1947, and the demonization of Hindus by the media, both Indian and global and 'intellectuals', ignoring the constant decline of Hindus, and painting of Hindus as 'fundamentalists' worldwide!

    There are many well-meaning and apolitical Hindus who genuinely regard the BJP as 'communal' and genuinely believe in the ideology of 'secularism'. The media has painted Hindus as 'fanatics killing innocent, poor defenseless Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 and elsewhere' and tom-tommed this worldwide. Insufficient reply to media lies on the 2002 riots has been given. The reality, that while Hindus are becoming extinct and reducing in % at an alarming rate in India has remained hidden and projection has been different.

    There are also some people who falsely want to boast, indulge in lies that "In 2002 Muslims were 'taught a lesson'" and thus don't want to paint the truth- that even after Godhra Muslims were equally on the offensive and hundreds of Hindus were killed and 40,000 rendered homeless into relief camps. Such thoughts need to be changed, and the truth needs to be brought out.

Forwarded by Manmath Deshpande & Basudeb Pal

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