Monday, 23 March 2015

Dr Hedgewar founded RSS after SWOT analysis : V Nagaraj

Basavanagudi, Bengaluru : V Nagaraj, Kshetreeya Sanghachalak of RSS said at Basavanagudi in Bengaluru on March 21 that ‘Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar who once was an active socio-political leader of Nagpur, came out of the then Congress, did a kind of SWOT (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threat )analysis of the Hindu Society. This society itself should understand and realise the problems and should find the suitable answer for them. To make such a self-thinking society, each individual should be filled with morals and character, Dr Hedgewar founded RSS in 1925. Since its genesis, RSSS focussed on Vyaktinirman, and today RSS has reached all walks of social life widening the horizons’.

RSS Kshetreeya Sanghachalak V Nagaraj was addressing YUGADI Utsav at APS College Grounds in Basavanagudi Bengaluru, organised by RSS Bengaluru Mahanagar. RSS Swayamsevaks from Vijayanagar, Jayanagar, Banashankari, Shankarapuram zones attended this ceremony.

V Nagaraj also said; “We meet every year on Ugadi. Ugadi is a festival of happiness and gaiety, moreso because Ugadi also signals the beginning of a new season in nature. We celebrate two Ugadi’s, Sauryamana and Chandraman, based on the position of the Sun and the Moon. Celebrating Ugadi hence also has a celestial reason to it. We are proud of this scientific background of this festival. This is our tradition of reason and science.”

“Unlike other new year celebrations, in Ugadi we do not forget ourselves in celebrations alone but take it as an opportunity to look within and understand that we need to be prepared for both good and bad in life. Despite attacks on us for numerous centuries, it is due to this attitude of looking withing and reasoning that we have survived and fought back. Leading lights have always guided us and time to time led us from the front.” he added.

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