Saturday, 21 March 2015

How US Consulate interfered in India’s internal issues

Read this exclusive article bearing the title ":US Consulate in Mumbai interferes in India’s internal issues" by Poulasta Chakraborthy published on to learn about the US tactful propaganda against Narendra Modi's Government.The article starts with these few lines re-printed below for our readers as ready reference. 

"The graphic below is an invitation printed in the US Consulate General’s name (in Mumbai) giving information about an event the U.S. Consulate General has organized on the 16th of March in Mumbai. The event is a panel discussion on a topic titled “Women Security in India: Understanding your Legal and Civil Rights.

Do we see the Indian government advising the USA on every day and burning issues in their society? Do we see the Indian government or media advising and/or castigating the US over all-too-frequent accounts of racism, mass shootings in schools and more importantly, does the Indian government show the widespread abuse of women there and the fact that the world’s only superpower is also the land which tops the rapes chart list? Here is some hard data about rape in the United States purely by way of academic interest to the the US Consulate in Mumbai: 2008-2012:”

Read details at Source : Indiafacts 

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