Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Is CPI(M) trying to peep with Yechury's ideology

Sitaram Yechury (PTI Photo)
Under the recent political scenario of India, here is a timely article written by Theindianmuse and recently published on Niticentral attracts the attention and force one to think over the lines of writer. After going through the article a real Indian will like to let the article read by others, who could not managed to read the same till now. So we are reminding one to read this article positively. 

As the CPI(M) is mostly dominated by negative minded people who are forever wanting to drag the country into poverty so that all people can be made equal. Equally poor and wretched that is. Only exception is their own party cadre who can do whatever they want to do. Although,this party had been rejected miserably by the people of India in last Parliamentary election, yet how they are again entering in the political scenario using anti people means could be found in this article. These following few lines are reproduced of the author as glimpse of the article. 

"So we see that using the “brute force of numbers in Rajya Sabha” Mr. Yechury and a united opposition are just trying to “oppose for the sake of opposition!” and not to lend a voice on behalf of the people of India to keep the government in check through parliamentary democracy and work with the government in building the nation applying constructive opposition and co-operation where needed."

View details at Source of the article : Yechuri symbolizes an outdated imported ideology

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