Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Press note on Ranaghat incident by Sidharth nath Singh

Incident of  Ranaghat in West Bengal has come as a shocker to all well meaning Indians. The heinous crime is highly condemnable. The guilty need to be caught and punished. The job of the police has become much easier after the appearance of CCTV footage. But still the perpetrators of crime are moving freely.
The job of the TMC government is to arrest the accused and not to politicize the matter. Unfortunately TMC cabinet minister Bobby Hakim on the very first day of the crime blamed the entire incident to Ghar Wapsi. In the middle of the night criminals break into the church , tie few nuns and rape an elderly nun and run away with cash. Can anyone hearing of the sequence blame it on religious grounds and create a controversy.  It just goes to show that the TMC government wants to divert their inefficiency by bringing in a communal angle, which is highly deplorable.

The CM Mamata Banerjee visited Ranaghat yesterday but was hooted and gheraoed  by the students and locals who were aggrieved that despite CCTV footage the accused are still not arrested. It is most unfortunate that the CM instead of putting balm on the students/people told one of the students that for asking such questions, she would slap her. The CM also accused BJP for the protest. Once again it shows that Mamata Banerjee has no answer for the delay in arrest and offer real time solutions. Therefore, BJP demands a CBI enquiry.

Moreover, Mamata Banerjee and her government cannot hide their guilt by blaming on BJP and thereby obfuscating their responsibility. It’s time that Mamata Banerjee and her government are made accountable for all the ills they have infected on the people of Bengal. BJP will make this into a mass movement beginning tomorrow by the women wing of BJP West Bengal marching towards Nabana in large numbers.

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