Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dr. Vamsee Krishna Juluri opines

Dr. Vamsee Krishna Juluri says that "The pro-beef lobby has been incredibly oblivious to the devastating role that the demand for beef has played in human history.

The discussion about beef in most of the major Indian media outlets (and their colonial cousins in London and elsewhere) has been incredibly oblivious to the real questions surrounding the choice to kill animals in general and cattle in particular for human consumption. Typically, major English language news channels, magazines, and newspapers have presented the issue as nothing more than an infringement on the freedom of citizens to eat what they want.
This notion of infringement seems to have been doubly tweaked so as to please two ends of the beef-eating spectrum. On one end, celebrities and aspirational lifestyle figures have lectured us on how we natives (or they might have said “nativists”) are trampling like medieval despots on the modern, enlightened glitterati who would just rather eat whatever they feel like. On the other end, activists, academics, and politicians are screaming outrage at what they see as upper-caste Hindutva elites imposing their hegemony on the poor subaltern Indian’s cheap protein. Rich andpoor, it seems, have been wronged here....." The title of the article is "Beef Has Hurt Freedom Far More than any Beef-Ban". To read this article in details please go to Source at :

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