Thursday, 30 April 2015

Shri Sidharth Nath Singh : Press statement

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28 April, 2015

Press statement issued by BJP National Secretary, Shri Sidharth Nath Singh

West Bengal civic polls have created a history of being the most undemocratic elections conducted by the State Election Commission. Violence, intimidation, voter trauma, terrorization of opposition candidates, bullets, deaths and crude bombs have been the hallmark of these elections spread over 91 municipalities and Kolkata Municipal Corporations. It is said that those who win don’t cheat and those who loose cheat. The ruling party that had claimed of winning these polls adopted all undemocratic means to secure the win.
The State Election Commission gave the classic book example of how the loser’s cheat. After the KMC polls on 18th April evening the SEC announced of 62% polling. After 48 hours the polling percentage changed to 68% as per the official announcement of SEC. This meant that 40 odd wards must have been rigged. If one extrapolates these 6% increase then TMC that is claiming to have got 114 seats in KMC would be down to 74. Moreover if other undemocratic means were excluded then certainly TMC would have been below half way mark in 144 wards KMC.
Rigged elections cannot be any yardstick of popular mood. However even then one can see that BJP in comparison from last civic polls have increased their over all tally from 16 to 81. Earlier BJP could win only in 9 municipal areas and currently have increased their footprints to 35 municipal areas. 
These polls have certainly given a loud and clear message that there cannot be any free and fair elections under TMC govt because they certainly beat Laloo’s Jungle Raj.

(Er. Arun Kumar Jain)
Office Secretary

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