Saturday, 25 April 2015

What Bibek Debroy, economist and member, NITI Aayog says

An exclusive interview of  Bibek Debroy, economist and member, NITI Aayog under the title "We don’t need a poverty number to brandish around" published on is re-linked here for our visitors as the article talks about  NITI Aayog a  nascent institution that replaced the Planning Commission. A few lines are quoted here as your ready reference.

NITI Aayog is now three months old. What are the challenges that you are facing in building the institution?
First thing is that any organization is a function of the people you have, and people does not simply mean a vice-chairman and two members who have been appointed. People also means what the Planning Commission used to call as advisors. We need to check whether the people we have inherited are necessarily the right people—they may be, they may not be. Also because they were here for certain other tasks and the mandate has changed, and then you need to get in people from outside who are not here right now, these people may not necessarily be from the government. Now doing all of that—restructuring the human resources (HR) part—takes a little bit of time and until that is done, you can’t really get fully started.

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