Sunday, 3 May 2015



1. Role and status of family in the society

2. Role of women in the society

3. Place of natives in the society

4. Role of men in the society

5. Role and place of children in the society

6. Public morality and Private discipline of people

7. Marriages and divorces

8. Social security and its costs

9.Human resources and its development and role

10.Composition of GDP and computation methods

11.Gross National Happiness

12. How the society treats the elderly people

13.Role of Judiciary and Judicial system and Conflict Avoidance and Redressal mechanisms

14. Role and respect for agriculture in the economy and society

15. Historical background of the society

16. Geographical strengths and weaknesses capital and its strengths

18.Self-sustainability of economy and Debt gearing of the economy and Capital mobilization sources, mechanisms and methods for entreprenuership

19.  Local(village) administration system

20. Systems of taxation and adherence to rules and laws

21. Codes for life, Artha, Kama, Moksha and Neethi

22. Rules of war and warring habits of rulers

23. Discrimination based on race, religion, caste and sex – comparison between West and India

24. Role of Dharma in day-to- day living of people

25. Acceptance other faiths

26. Role of caste in the society

27. Role of religion in life of people

28. Integrity and honesty of society

29. Organization of the society with checks and balances

30. Philosophy and purpose of life setting the tone for the kind of life led by people

31. Differences between the present-day society of India and west in the psyche

32. Approach of religion to science and innovations

33. Food and eating habits of people

34. Trade and trading practices and role of trade in the society

35. Role of cattle in society

36. Role of other living beings in the society

37. Approach to other religions and faiths

38. Violence and crime in the society and reasons

39. Festivals and its role in the society

40. Living style and significance

41. Conservation of resources and trusteeship in modern context

42. Development of entrepreneurship

43. Organization of the economy and savings habit and mode of the people

44. Business practices and objective of business

45. Concept of ‘enemy’ in the society and its treatment by society

46. Cultural activism and role of music, arts, dance and entertainment in society and life of people.

47. Organisation of polity and governments

48. Role of bureaucrats in governance

49. Role of Charity in Society



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