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Love Jihad Consequence : College Girl committed suicide

Consequence of Love Jihad : Situations forced Hindu College Girl to commit suicide in Kerala.
Kalamassery (Kerala) | May 18, 2015:: A promising post-graduation student Anuja (23) was found dead in her rented house on Friday night in Thrissur district of Kerela. Her live-in partner V. Khaleem was taken into police custody.
Anuja (23), the daughter of Puthusseriparambil Ashok Kumar and Shailaja, was in the final year of her MA political science course at the Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam. She had been staying with Valiyakath Khaleem (34) from Chavakkad near Thrissur.

Khalim is the prime accused in the murder of Manikandan, a National Development Front (NDF) activist at Vadakkekad near Thrissur, the police said. He has also been accused of an attempt to murder. The police said he is married and has children.

National Development Front (NDF) is an Islamist group with a plan to adhere to the dawa (missionary work) of aggressively propagating Islam among other communities. NDF was established on 1993 and merged later with Popular Front of India (PFI) in 2006.  Both the  NDF and PFI have their objective have to focus on socio-enonomical issues of Muslims giving a regional priority as to achieve Islamic hold in Kerala and adjacent states.

A reliable source suggests that Shaheen Force, the women’s wing of dreaded terrorist group al Qeada, could be responsible for her death. The group is reportedly active in various colleges across Kerala. Reports suggest that these groups may have the culpability to force Anuja to suicide while a repentant college girl wanted to free herself from the clutch of the ‘Love Jihad’ racket, very much active in Kerela. The perpetrators might be successful to  vanish way the suicidal notes, if any.

Khaleem informed the police of Anuja’s death by 8.30 pm on Friday. He said he found Anuja hanging in the bedroom when he returned home. Her head was tonsured. Khalim said he shaved off Anuja’s hair after she told him to do so. She had earlier donated hair for cancer patients, relatives said.

Ashok said he let Anuja live with Khaleem after he promised to marry her. Shailaja had rented the house for her daughter near the Hill Valley School at Unichira a little over a month ago. Anuja and Khalim had been living together at Pachalam for a year before that.

Some reports also claimed that Khaleem was earlier involved in various crimes, including the “murder” of Yuva Morcha activist Manikandam in Thrissur and attempting to murder Vattekad CPM leader Subin.

Antecedents claimed that the parents of the deceased Hindu girl allowed their daughter to stay with such a married Muslim person who have two children and connected with extremist Islamist group.

Anuja was preparing to write civil service exams, he added.  The cremation  of Anuja held at Edappally on Sunday after post mortem in Alappuzha Medical College.

Though the post mortem (autopsy) report claims the case as suicide, the police team is probing the suicide case of a 23-year college student expeditiously. Earlier, the police authority opined a corroboration of gross un-natural elements found behind the hanging of Anuja form room ceiling.

The police, however, are yet to take further decision regarding her live-in partner Khaleem, who has been under their custody.

“We will be interrogating the friends and relatives of the girl on Monday and, based on this, a decision with regard to booking him for abatement of suicide will be taken,” the circle inspector added.

Meanwhile, activists of the BJP and Hindu Aikya Vedi blocked Aluva Additional Tahsildar P.B. Sunil Lal as they alleged that no senior officers have reached the spot. The standoff was eased after RDO S. Suhas and Assistant Police Commissioner Bijo Alexander arrived.

Anyway, the Love Jihad racket took away Anuja beyond the reach of anybody and it’s a very tragic end in the untimely demise of a Hindu College girl for the gross indulgence to tie up with a Love Jihadist.

Kerala is the southernmost state in India where the cases of murder, suicide, abduction, forced conversion, gang rape, recruitment of female jihadist, missing of Hindu and Christian girls are highest in numbers out of ‘Love Jihad’.

Source : http://hinduexistence.org

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