Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mocking on Nepal's disaster is inhuman

Recently  India TV has revealed the mockery of the Christian Missionary activities after Nepal Earthquake under the headline:  Xhristian Missionaries sent Bible as Relief in Nepal.

But, it’s related link in is now missing from the internet under the pressure of Vatican lobby.

As a repercussion Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala conveyed,”We cannot eat Bibles. We cannot use them as shovels. Nepal desperately needs food and medicine and equipment and workers not best-seller books. If you are praying for Nepal, we thank you. It is not a surprise to see the evangelical vultures are playing with the life of the people in distress. This is what they do everywhere when people are suffering.”

We pray to God to recover the good senses for these evil religious preachers coming out from the Mosques and Churches. This is the time for save the human beings in crisis in Nepal. We have to protect the Nature, all living beings and heritage in Nepal. This can’t be a religious game of play. Hindu ethos of Service do not believe in discrimination nor any hidden agenda of tricks of religious propaganda.

Please come to Nepal to rebuild it by not disturbing its age old culture and Heritage in the land Lord Pashupatinath and Lord Buddha. We love Nepal. Make generous help to Nepal. Be a meaningful hope for new rising Nepal.

Photo & News Source: Hinduexistance.Org

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