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SC community (Hindu) attacked by Muslims in Nadia, West Bengal,3 killed

Procession of Hindu SC community attacked by Muslims in Nadia, West Bengal. Three Hindu SC killed by devout Muslims, several injured. SC Villages gutted in fire. Women molested.

Krishnanagar | May 5, 2015:: Three people have been killed and eight sustained injuries in a communal clash between Hindus belonging to SC community and the Muslims that broke out  in two villages named Naoda and Juranpur underKaliganj PS in West Bengal’s Nadia district on Monday (May 04, 2015) afternoon.

Volent Muslim mob of the locality and nearby assembled to attack the annual Dharmraj Mela procession mainly participated by the SC community Hindu people as their traditional festival. The Hindu procession was returning from Dharamraj Mela at Jamalpur in Purbasthali to their village when the incident occurred. They were attacked at around 3 pm by the Muslim mobs under a patronage of ruling TMC party when the Hindu devotees in a procession passed by a mosque in Juranpur village on their way back. The clash turned violent when both sides reportedly resorted to firing, bombing and sword attacks.

But an authentic source gave an input that the Muslims raised a hue and cry  for a disturbance to Adahan and Namaj and attacked the unwarranted Hindu people in procession and vandalized the villages. The Muslim mob looted Hindu homes, put fire on Hindu houses and tried molestation of Hindu women.

Three deceased named Maru Hazra (48 yrs); Asomay Hazra (18 yrs), son of Maru and Shanto Hazra (40 yrs), brother of Maru belong to Hari sub-caste of Scheduled caste community. 8 persons are also seriously injured and some of them were later transferred to Kolkata for better treatment. 30 houses were burnt in Naoda and Juranpur villages by the violent Muslim mob with an alleged instigation of local TMC MLA Nasiruddin Ahamed, as conveyed by the affected villagers. Most of the victims belong to SC community under Hindu faith.

In retaliation some Muslims houses were also burnt as reported. But, the situation in Juranpur and Naoda villages are said to be tense as villagers fear another attack in absence of police in the area.

However, Kaliganj police station (L. 03474-260313, M.08373050045), Debogram IC (L. 03474-266670, M. 8373050047) and SDPO, Tehatta (L.03471-250202,  M. 08373050050)  are trying hard to keep peace in the affected areas as soon as possible. Some Police on duty were also attacked by the mob as reported in the heat of the incidents.

Kaliganj 2

It was also reported that the Muslim mob put a road blockade around at the time of vandalization to avoid any police interference.

This violent chain clashes between the SC community  of Hindu faith and the Muslims under various Jamaat have been blacked out by the main stream news papers in Eastern India. While, ‘Bartaman’, a prime Bengali daily hinted some part of truth, the communal Bengali daily, ‘Kalom’ twisted the news in favour of Muslim community and narrated the matter as an attack upon minority Muslim people by others. The Islamic Bengali daily ‘Kalom’ was inaugurated by WB CM Mamata Banerjee. Later this news paper has been tainted for a link with Sardha scam and a patronage for Bangladesh terror link with JMB. The editor of Kalom is  Ahamed Hassan Imaran, a Parliamentarian (RS) under TMC party and a perpetrators for various communal riot in West Bengal, as alleged.

A very shocking news came lately that the cremation of the three SC people of Hindu faith was humiliated by the WB police as the dead bodies were cremated (fire rituals) away  instead of their ancestral crematory at Naoda village.

While, pro Muslim TMC (most of the Hindu victims in WB call it not as Trinmool  Congress, but Total Muslim Congress) is reluctant to send any team to help the victims, astonishingly the State and National Commission for SC and ST have not also sent any facts finding team to address the havoc perpetration for this particular violations against SC communities in danger in West Bengal.

This clash between Dalit (SC) and Muslims in Bengal may be a glaring example for those who are advocating Dalit-Muslims unity in India. In Bandladesh and Pakistan, the Dalit class Hindus are the main victim of Islamic persecutions prevailing there.

Hindu Existence Forum is trying hard to lodge complaint with more inputs to the respective authorities for the critical situations of SC community of Hindu faith in West Bengal.
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