Thursday, 2 July 2015

RSS increasing in south Assam

sakha sikshan at Madhav Dham,  Srigouri. Karimganj.
261 rss swayamsevaks and karyakari as has gone and reached Tripura today(01/07) by Karimganj - Tripura train at 9.30A.M. All these ten days vistaraks  trained for two days at Madhav Dham Sevashram project. The lowest is reading in class nine and H. S.  s SCHOOL teachers and D. O.Of  L. I. C. Prant karyabahika Khownis Chakraborty,  Prant Pracharak Mahendra Pal Sharma,  sah-prant karyabah Sibabrata Saha  will supervise this vistaraks staying and moving around Tripura length and bread. They have started for Tripura early morning by road. All vistaraks are from four districts of barack valley's Cachar,  Karimganj,  Hailakndi and Dimas Hasao district.  This effort is going to be a masterstoke and healthful for spreading RSS sakha net work in Tripura.
 This first such experiment in Daxin Assam. Tripura is a sambhag of Daxin Assam.
 Rastra  Sevika  Samiti, Daxin  Assam Prant.  1ST YEAR Training camp going on in full swing at Srigouri, Madhav Dham project in Karimganj district starting from 27th June will be end on 12th July next with a grand samarop programme at huge lawn of Madhav Dham. Smt.  Sulavatai Despondent,  All India Joint general  secretary  of Rastra  Sevika  Samiti,  will grace the occasion by her valuable speech. All India Samprkpramuk,  Sunita  Haldekar will attend the camp since 4th July to 12th. 84 Sevika from 56 places attending the camp including Tripura.
 Prant Pracharika,  Suparna De conducting the training camp with Sah_prant karyabahika and others.
News by Basudev Pal

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