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Ten questions on Indo-Bangala enclave exchange process

Date:9th July 2015
Ten questions on Indo-Bangala enclave exchange process
It is known fact that joint survey has started from 6th July 2015 in all 162
Indo-Bangla enclaves to record choice of nationality of its residents. Some
serious quires regarding the total process.

1. There are lot of complains that several cases of illegal encroach
happened in all 111 Indian enclaves within Bangladesh. What steps
are taken to verify the reality of such complains?This is very
important to know , because without settling this disputes justice can
not be provided to the residents of enclaves.
2. In absence of any type of rule of law situation of Indian enclaves
within Bangladesh is different from main land. Taking advantage of
this situation, process of driving out of actual residents specially
Hindus and encroaching their properties by fanatic Bangladeshi
Muslims continues since 40 years. In census 2011 these fanatic
elements registered their name as residents of Indian enclaves(who
are going to opt for Indian citizen ship also),what the driven out
Hindus could not. only for these reason why census report-2011 of
Indo-Bangala enclaves will not be rejected?
3. Based on what documents( except this farce census report) joint
survey team engaged to record choice of nationality is identifying
actual residents of Indian enclaves ?
4. What will happen to the Land & other properties of those of Indian
enclaves within Bangladesh who will opt for Indian citizenship?
5. Not intentionally but from the compulsion of living many actual
residents & land owners of the enclaves of both countries managed to
citizenship of country concerned. Maximum of them are
Page 2
staying in the plots of host country which is neighboring to their
ancestral homestead & land properties of enclaves .To earn bread
these people are totally dependent on cultivation on their own lands
of enclaves. If present law and govt policy snatches this lands ,this
people will be ruined totally. What govt will do to save this people?
6. There are many actual residents specially Hindus of Indian enclaves
within Bangladesh could not register name in 2011 census. Their
only means of living are the agricultural lands of enclaves. When
enclaves will Marge with Bangladesh these people will automatically
loose the ownership of their land properties because in the present
procedure this oppressed and deprived Hindus could not register their
names as residents of enclaves. In single sentence it can be told that
implementation of Bharat-Bangladesh land Boundary agreement will
award a punishment to these Hindus which is more painful then
death by snatching their every thing (viz. their means of
living,religion,right of living,etc). What steps will be taken by BJP-
led central govt to save this Hindus?
7. What govt will do to the refugees who were forcefully driven out
from Indian enclaves within Bangladesh?
8. It is heard that a document will issued to the residents of enclaves
who will be migrated to India to visit Bangladesh so that they can
sell their land properties. Is it true?
9. If the answer of question number 8 is yes then why refugees from
that enclaves having valid documents of land properties will not get
same facility with legal support?
If the answer of question number 8 is yes then why
refugees(because this people are victim of implementation of Indo-
Bangala LBA-1974)
from Bangladeshi enclaves Dahagram-
Angarpota having valid documents of land properties will not enjoy
same facility?
prevent infiltration of fanatic Bangladeshis ,and
save Hindus of Indian enclaves
[ Observing the ground reality this questionnaire is prepared by
sadhan kr paul,Advisor of kuchlibari sangram committee. ]

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