Thursday, 6 August 2015

On long pending north east issue

How a long pending issue is tackled by Prime Minister Modi and his NDA Govt. is discussed by Lt. Gen (retd) Syed Ata Hasnain who is the former Corps Commander of the Srinagar based 15 Corps, and is currently associated with Vivekanand International Foundation and the Delhi Policy Group, two major strategic think tanks of Delhi, published on Article has focused on actual facts and features of that long pending issue of North East India and the measures taken by the NDA Govt.
Syed Ata Hasnain
The title of the article is "The Nagaland Accord: A Splendid Breakthrough"A few lines of the article is reprinted for our readers."The first of the payoffs of the accord is the fact that the biggest militant group of the North East has formally accepted its allegiance to the Indian Constitution.

The longer a political issue involving land, rights, self-determination and socio-economic space festers, the more difficult it is to comprehend it. Nagaland’s problems with the Union of India symbolize the larger problem of the North East. The first reactions to a potentially successful agreement generally perceive that this should be the harbinger and trigger for greater integration and political messaging for the North East that India has been aspiring for long.

A short recapitulation is necessary to set the tone for a brief analysis of what  such a landmark event, no doubt a major feather in the NDA government’s cap, can be expected to deliver.

There are distinct phases in the history of the discord that the Naga people and their leaders have had with the Indian state. Right from 1947 the desire for independence was strong. The Naga Nationalist Council (NNC) under Angami Phizo conducted its own referendum and with strong backing of the people fought an insurgency which was contested in earnest by the Indian Army 1956 onwards.

As in most insurgencies and especially those in jungle infested, remote and highly underdeveloped areas, military solutions were never possible. India and its Army realized this early and attempts at negotiations with moderate elements were always a part of the narrative, interspersed with phases of intense counter-insurgency."

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