Thursday, 13 August 2015

Video,one must view

***Assam - the silent genocide
Dear All,

This video will be a real eye opener for what is happening in Assam. This problem is now spreading across through India. Very silently!! A friend of mine, is spearheading this effort and challenging the status quo. 

Earlier Government of India was silent on this issue and also on entire North Eastern Sector because of-

a) More numbers of Muslims are getting in so why worry? That is going to be my Vote bank
b) If we develop North Eastern states with Rail Ways, Roads etc, and if China captures it?
c) Fear of China- what they will think?

It is expected from Modi Government that strong and decisive actions will be taken as stated below-

a) Stop infiltration totally by way of border protection measures
b) Flush out known illegal migrants and send them back to Bangla Desh
c) List out all those Muslims who are there before 1965 as cut off and provide them licence to reside but not to own the land
d) Kick out all those Muslims who are there after 1965 as Illegal Migrants and confiscate everything of them
e) With immediate effect, till this problem remains unsolved, No Muslims are allowed to vote for anyone and declare them a dispute community. This measure will take away vested interests of politicians and this problem can be effectively tackled
f) Increase Tourism in Assam and entire NE states by giving special subsides so that tours will be cheap to increase tourism
g) Rail Ways and Road infrastructure development is must to enhance job opportunities in Assam.
h) Attract industries Especially IT, in NE and allow only Sun of the soil to get that employment. This will make Local residents rich and will get identified

Assam is a unique and enriched culture of its own. Assamese are cultured,sober, intellectuals and creative people.
India must protect this identity of Assamese as our own national identity and dignity. This is required For all NE states.

Requesting you to watch and understand this film to know the issue in depth and circulate to as many contacts of yours as possible.

Vishwas P Pitke

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