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Misleading Muslims for vote-bank politics must stop

Growing population, changing identity    : An article by RK Sinha  

The practice of misleading Muslims for the sake of vote-bank politics must stop. Instead, they must be told how population growth is eating into our national resources.

While there is a declining trend in the population growth rate in the country, birth rate among the Muslims is on a higher side. It appears as if all attempts to check population growth are going in vain. Also, Muslims are indifferent to this and to the harm that population growth has been causing to the country and to them. For an average family, more mouth to feed means more hardship.

The latest religion-based population Census between 2001-2011 shows that Muslim population in India has grown at a higher pace. While national average growth rate of population was registered at 17.7 per cent, during the same period, Muslim population grew by 24.6 per cent. Population of Hindus, on the other hand, registered lower than the national average. It grew at the rate of 16.8 per cent followed by Christians at 15.5 per cent, Sikhs at 8.4 per cent, Budhists at 6.1 per cent and Jains at 5.5 per cent.
The bigger question is when will the country wake up to take note of the growth in Muslim population? The practice of cheating and misleading the Muslims for vote-bank politics must stop. They must be told, how population growth is eating into our national resources. The problem is that there is no concern among the Muslims about the impact of population growth on the economy; they are just not bothered about it. It is unfortunate that there is no healthy discourse amongst the Ulemas on population explosion as if it is a matter of no consequence.
On the contrary, there is a tendency among the Muslims to present themselves as if they are a victim of injustice and are not getting their share of economic growth. This is far from the truth. Interestingly, some Muslims have started potraying that it is not a good thing that our population growth has registered marginal decline from the previous Census. They argue that though the population growth rate of Muslims is higher than those of the Hindus, is it not remarkable that the overall population growth rate of Muslims has declined?
The population of Muslims was growing at the rate of 32.9 per cent during 1981-1991. It declined to 29.3 per cent during 1991-2001 and it further went down to 25.6 per cent as is shown in the latest census figure for 2001-2011. But this argument is not convincing. The growth rate population of Muslims should be at par with national average or below. The population growth rate of Hindus, on the other hand, was at 22.8 per cent during 1981-1991 which fell down to 20 per cent during 1991-2001 and according to the latest census figure it was 16.8 per cent during 2001-2011.
In reality, the high rate of population growth of Muslims poses a threat to ‘secularism’ of the country. There is no doubt that a day will come when the Muslim population of the country will reach upto 50 per cent. India will then be declared as an Islamic state. And it goes without saying that there is no word or space like ‘secularism' in Islamic countries. There are 57 member countries in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and none of the country has secular character. They are all hard core Islamic nations. Just look at the condition of Hindus in our neighbouring countires like Pakistan and Bangladesh. In the near future, there will be no trace of Hindus in these countries.
The writer is surprised to see that the population of Hindus is declining in Manipur. A State which is submerged in Krishna cult and Krishna bhakti is witnessing a sharp fall in the population of Hindus. There was a time when Manipur was known as Mathura-Brindaban of the North-East. The influence of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was considerable in Manipur; his disciples spread the Krishna cult — a tradition which is 500-year old. Population of Hindus have come down from 46.01 per cent during 1991-2001 to 41.39 per cent in 2001-2011.
Although Hindus are in majority in most the States, they are a minoritiy in seven States and one Union Territory which includes Manipur. In some States, Hindus count for less than 10 per cent of the population. According to the latest census figure for 2001-2011, in States of Mizoram, Nagaland, Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab and Union Territory of Lakshadweep, Hindus are a minority. In Mizoram, Hindu population has come down from 3.55 per cent in 1991-2001 to 2.75 per cent and in Lakshadweep, it has come down from 3.66 per cent to 2.77 per cent. It is high time that India wakes up and thinks about the population growth. Social scientists and experts must put their heads together to check the explosion of population if India has to grow as an economic power and remain a secular country.

(The writer is a Rajya Sabha MP), 
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