Thursday, 3 September 2015

Will CPM celebrate Sri Krishna Jayanthi ?

CPM to celebrate Sri Krishna Jayanthi in Kerala

Kannur: In an apparent bid to prevent its cadres from migrating to the BJP, the CPM in Kerala has decided to celebrate Sri Krishna Jayanthi this time.

The party has decided to use the occasion which falls on September 5 to conduct a procession of kids and distribute sweets, like what the BJP and its feeder organisations have been doing for years.
The instruction has gone to all local committees to organise kids for the procession that would celebrate Lord Krishna's birth. This, the party believes, would prevent its cadres and their families from taking part in the procession that is arranged by the BJP.

The CPM’s decision follows the assessment that the RSS has been using the procession for unifying people on the basis of religion. The move by the CPM follows the celebration of a festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha by former BJP cadres who joined the party recently.
The party has been conducting Sri Narayana Guru Jayanthi campaigns to keep the Ezhava community, which has been backing the party for long, in good humour. As the SNDP and the BJP are getting closer, this year’s celebrations would be ramped up by many levels.

The CPM had been against the Sri Krishna Jayanthi procession because it felt that children were being put under strain during the procession. However, now it has decided to swallow its protest and conduct a similar procession in order to prevent further attrition from its camps. In order to pre-empt any embarrassment later because of the sudden change of stance, the party has already officially clarified that the event is being conducted by its children’s unit. Source :

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