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An Article on Cow killing

View an article on Cow killing. The writer Dr. Hafeez Pasha  has discussed about Islam and some fundamental principles The article is worth reading.

'Cow killing is not sanctioned' By Dr Hafeez Pasha

Islam is a modern and flexible religion which always teaches its followers the philosophy of peaceful co-existence, tolerance and harmony. The basic tenets of Islam and fundamental principles have been divided as “Huquq Allah” and “Huquq Al ibad” (God rights and human rights). These two rights form the basic teachings of Islam. God rights relate to namaz, roza, haj and zakat (five times prayer, fasting in the month of ramzan, pilgrimage to Mecca and alms giving to the poor). Human rights include family rights, neighbour rights and nation rights.

If one practises God rights in right earnest but neglects human rights, he or she cannot enter heaven until forgiven by the people he has wronged.

Similarly, Islam clearly sets out what is permitted and what is prohibited. All permitted things may be used and the prohibited avoided. The cow is among the permitted animals but there is no compulsion to eat it. Just as divorce is permitted but that does not mean that a man can divorce his wife without appropriate reason. Although horse is halal, eating it is not permitted because these animals are useful to mankind and consuming them will render them extinct. Same goes with the cow. Though cow is a permitted animal, it is not compulsory to eat its meat but, more important, to drink the milk it provides and consume ghee made from it.

Iranian scholar Al-Ghazzali (1058-1111 AD), one of the most brilliant philosophers of Islam, stated that besides bread, whatever we eat is simply to satisfy our urge. At 28, he headed the Institute of Islam at Baghdad. In his book, Ihya Ulum ul-Din - The Revival of Religious Sciences (part 2, page 23, lines 17-19), he describes the detrimental effects of beef and the virtues of ghee and milk from the cow, thus: “The meat of cow is marz (disease), it’s milk is safa (health) and it’s ghee is dava (medicine).”

It has been proven scientifically that regular drinking of cow milk is beneficial to the development of fine brain tissues. It helps sharpen memory, favouring remembrance of Allah. Therefore, the cow and its milk are important to development of human society. Those eager to eat meat may consume lesser animals such as sheep and goat.
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