Wednesday, 28 October 2015

An empty promise

IMPHAL, Oct 27 : The Government of India’s initiative to ensure 12 LPG refills in a year to every DBTL consumer remains an empty promise in Manipur.
There is no prohibition for consumers to use additional LPG refills in a year if they need additional refills. But there is no provision for any extra refill other than the subsidized 12 refills of 14.2 Kg capacity guaranteed by the Government of India.
The number of 12 refills in a year was fixed by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) after studying its feasibility.

However, for the LPG consumers of Manipur, it requires a thorough study whether 12 refills are enough for large families or whether they are surplus for small families.
At the moment, IOC is unable to deliver 12 refills to each of the 2.56 lakh DBTL consumers in a year on account of poor supply.
Some LPG distributors told The Sangai Express that LPG distribution has been continuously running into backlogs of five/six months on account of poor supply.
Although it is the last part of October, most distributors have been distributing LPG refills for bookings done in the month of June.
Distributors which have 18,000 to 19,000 consumers got around 4224 refills this month. Distributors which have 5000 consumers got around 1836 subsidized refills. Given this supply rate, backlog for several months is quite logical, said the distributors.
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