Tuesday, 27 October 2015

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Here are some collection of links of good articles recently published on the NET for our visitors. 


Faced with an acute shortage of water and energy resources to meet the needs of a burgeoning population, China has turned to exploit the Tibetan rivers and is now in a damming spree in the Brahmaputra river (Yarlung Tsangpo) to fulfil its increasing needs. Hence after constructing the two inter-linking canals, the eastern and the central routes, to transfer water from the water endowed south to the arid northern areas in 2014, it has operationalised  recently the Zangmu project, the largest hydropower facility located in the middle reaches of the river, raising concerns for India.
This project is to be followed by five more dams upstream for power generation. The Shuomatan project, the Great Bend project near Indian border, is also being planned by the Chinese to divert the Brahmaputra waters to its north areas through the third link canal, the western route.
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Narendra Modi and the National Discourse-I BY S Gurumurthy

An Action Replay of Vajpayee's Times
Arjun Sampath in Tamil Nadu must be the happiest man now. He would never have imagined his name in the front page of the largest English newspaper in India. But he has made to its front page with his one liner: “Those who eat beef should go to Pakistan”. Sampath heads a one-man outfit called Indu Makkal Katchi (Hindu people’s party) — a letterhead entity. Now, thanks to the leading English daily, he is one of the intolerant Hindu faces in India and outside. See how things have moved in the last few weeks to make non-entities the new and dark faces of India.
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