Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tarun Vijay on the secular protocol

The anthem of our togetherness   
By : Tarun Vijay
Nothing makes a nation liveable than the feeling of togetherness found in its constituents. There is no joy like being together and no pain like being hit by hateful extremists. Absence of togetherness made India partitioned. After centuries of subjugation and a continuous glorious saga of resistance against the foreign invaders, we have a freedom that rests on one factor- how best can we safeguard the fabric of our togetherness, surpassing and defeating challenges and hurdles that make our onward journey difficult. Thats the anthem we cherish, thats the song that binds us together, thats why Sartaj inspires with his ‘Saare Jahan Se Acchha Hindostan Hamara’!!
Thank you Rashtrapati ji, for your thought provoking and unifying words. The national was awaiting to listen to these words. We in India cant allow fissiparous and divisive forces to take a prominent place in our social life. The communalism of the left to the centre elements has weakened the vitals of the nation. It will take a herculean task to revive the nerves and have the resistance power rebuilt against such forces. India needs a healing hand, not the acidic attacks that make our fabric of togetherness frailer and torn.

The provocative slogans and beef bazars are just the opposite of all that we dream and cherish.

This very fabric, the idea of togetherness  and a spirit of appreciating the other view point is under grave threat by those who control media and think tanks but are vehemently opposed to Hindutva. They are viciously hateful and masters in fabricating untruths to hit their opponents in a brutal way.
Tarun Vijay
Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

President, Parliamentary Group on India China Friendship

Member, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence Ministry

Member, Parliamentary Consultative Committee on Ministry of External Affairs

Convener, BJP Parliamentary Party Research and Policy Study Cell
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