Sunday, 13 December 2015

High Parking fee imposed by JDA aggrieved Jaigaon

Jaigaon,West Bengal : From 2nd of December 2015 Suddenly unexpected high parking fees have been imposed by Jaigaon Development Authority all over it's jurisdiction. The imposition of sudden high parking fees by JDA has aggrieved public life of Jaigaon severely and a great hue and cry is found among more than 500 Taxi drivers, shopkeepers & Business community and local inhabitants.
The members of INTTUC Taxi driver's Union, Jaigaon Business community and local inhabitants jointly opposed against the said imposition of JDA.Here and there small agitation were observed against JDA. Agitators plea is there is no parking fees imposed at District towns like Alipuduar,Coochbehar, Birpara and other adjacent areas.An amount of Rs.3000 monthly for a Taxi is absurd for backward locality like jaigaon.

Mr. Kumar Gurung the President of INTTUC affiliated Taxi Drivers Union of Jaigaon said that Taxi drivers and their families will be driven to fast by this whimsical imposition of JDA authority.The whole Jaigaon is under panic of said Parking fees imposed. Daily suppliers and sellers of different commodities opine that under the situation they have to leave Jaigaon market.

However,on Monday JDA Chairman hold a meeting with the agitators i.e Jaigaon Business community,Taxi drivers union,other public carriage owners and some local public on 7th December 15 at Jaigaon  Anand Hotel along with other INTTUC leaders like Abdul Rajjack Baypari,Jaigaon Anchal INTTUC  President,Niranjan Mandal,President Kalchini Block INTTUC, Mr.Ranjit Ghosh,Secretary Alipurduar District TMC and decided JDA will announce a revised rate of parking fee on 18 December 2015 and till then present rates will be in force..
It will not be out of place to mention that there is a great whispering among the public of Jaigaon saying that the entire process was done through a eye washing Tender and the successful tenderer are very close to JDA Chairman. 
Source: Abtak

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