Thursday, 3 December 2015

Only two refills in eight months

Only two refills in eight months

IMPHAL, Nov 29 : Like many other LPG consumers of the State, Athokpam Kala and S Ibetombi have received just two refills each between April and November this year.

Athokpam Kala is a consumer of Jemon Gas Service while S Ibetombi is registered with Thoubal Gas Singjamei.
Kala told The Sangai Express that subsidy given on LPG refill entered his bank account four times although he received only two refills.

He took the first refill of this year on April 26 and he received the corresponding subsidy of Rs 310.12 through his bank account.

The second cylinder was given on September 13 and he got Rs 266.24 as subsidy through bank. Then he booked for the next refill on September 23.

Earlier, subsidy amounts of Rs 568 and 297.52 entered his bank account on February 16 and February 18 although he did not take any LPG refill.

He expressed keen desire for the authority concerned to investigate how the subsidy amounts entered his bank account while he did not take any refill.

He maintained that he does not want unreasonable subsidy.

“What we yearn for is LPG refills which can meet a family’s minimum requirements”, he continued.

S Ibetombi got two refills from Thoubal Gas Singjamei on April 8 and September 9.

One consumer of RBD Indane who sought anonymity maintained that majority of the consumers would find it hard to get four refills till December this year.

Another consumer of TDK Gas said that they got refills from the distributor only four times in a year.

All of them appealed to the authority concerned to probe these irregularities.

One Basu from Moidangpok decried that he approached Khumbong Gas Agency for a new LPG connection about a year back.

As he was not given any new connection all these months, he withdrew all the documents submitted to the LPG distributor.

“However, many other consumers who applied after me have been given new connections. Although Rs 200 was paid at the time of submitting documents, the amount was not refunded when the documents were withdrawn”, Basu added.

12 filled LPG cylinders is the limit set by the IOC per consumer.

Dr. S.Kulachandra Singh
VSK, Manipur

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