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RSS role in freedom struggle

Since the past many years, and even currently allegations are made by leaders of political parties like AAP, Congress, Marxists and other anti-RSS people that the RSS did not participate in the freedom movement and even sided with the British. Unfortunately, I must say here that  it seems the propaganda against the RSS has not been countered properly. I have compiled an article on 'RSS Role in Freedom movement' by compiling facts from various articles and adding my own few arguments.

                       This article is here

                       To refute lies, there has to be a concentrated effort of many individuals. A lot of people have to repeatedly answer these lies & give concrete facts. This job has to be done by TV participants of the BJP, and RSS ideologues on TV. Some of the BJP participants are unable to win arguments on TV, and many of them seem to be unaware of the RSS role in freedom struggle. Due to their fault the RSS has to suffer since the BJP opponents claim that the RSS supported the British. The RSS has been able to portray some points successfully, like the Supreme Court verdict saying 'Hindutva is a way of life' which is because this SC judgment has been repeated many times by many leaders. Similarly, many office-bearers, and spokesmen of the BJP, VHP and RSS need to repeatedly mention RSS role in freedom struggle.

                       As a minimum, I think the website of RSS ( ) should have this article on RSS role in freedom struggle and also post it on, and and also

                       These days some leaders like Sitaram Yechury link Gandhiji's killing to RSS. Sitaram Yechury said killers of Mahatma Gandhi accuse other parties of being anti-national these days. In reality the killers of Gandhi ji were hanged in 1949 so they cannot do anything today, but Yechury is implying that BJP-RSS are killers of Gandhi, for which a defamation suit needs to be filed. Such chances should be used to put them on the defensive so that RSS also gets sympathy after winning defamation cases and no one should dare to repeat such lies in future. Perhaps defamation cases also need to be filed against those who say that the RSS supported the British pre-1947, since this is absolutely untrue, while the Communists supported the British.

                       Some points of my arguments are as follows.   Note here that the RSS was founded in 1925. It was barely in its infancy and very small in those days. The focus needed to be on strengthening and growing the RSS as it could have been easily crushed by the many Opponents- British, Congress and Muslim League in those days. And yet, the RSS participated in the freedom struggle. Compare this with the Congress founded in 1885. The Congress first demanded full Independence (Poorna Swarajya) for India in December 1929, a full 44 years after its foundation. Its demand in the 1920s, till the 1929 Lahore Session was only dominion status for India. And in its initial years, in the 1880s and 1890s, the Congress leaders openly stated the British Rule in India as the Providential Gift. It took the Congress many years (at least 20 years) to raise a strong foundation, though it was formed with merger of many regional conferences, unlike RSS which was founded from zero. And yet, the Congress (which ceased to be same since 1969 when it became Congress (I) with a split in the party) has lied about true patriots i.e. RSS and hid its own record of its first 44 years, particularly, the first 22 years.

   On the contrary, the RSS pledge (Pratigya) used to contain the words "Desh ko Swatantra Kar" ("Freeing the country") until Independence, right from the beginning. The RSS pledged to free the country right from the first day of its foundation, while it took the Congress as many as 44 years after its foundation to even demand Poorna Swarajya! And in its initial years in the 1880s and 1890s the Congress leaders openly called the British Rule in India as the Providential Gift! Note here that the Congress was founded by a British Allan Hume and the British wanted a safety valve to let out Indian feelings in 1885, and hence they supported the Congress initially in the 1880s and 1890s. But the RSS was opposed by the British right from the first day, and yet the RSS pledged to free the country.

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                    Manmath Deshpande, Nagpur (Author)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of TUFFER and TUFFER does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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