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Tweets on Savarkar compiled

Info on Savarkar, need to expose Congress and save Savarkar's honour. 
Author : Manmath Deshpande, Nagpur

Veer Savarkar

  1. Veer Savarkar was born in 1883. He formed Revolutionary organization 'Mitramela' in 1900 aged 17,expanded it to 'Abhinav Bharat' in 1904 (1)
  2. For the killing of a British officer, Swatantryaveer Savarkar was convicted along with Karve & Deshpande & given 50 years jail in 1910(2)
  3. Savarkar was 1st revolutionary to write a book on 1857 calling it 'War  of Independence' which was published in Holland,banned in India (3)
  4. For publishing d book on 1857 in Holland, Savarkar had to sell his wife's jewellary. British banned it in India even before publication (4)
  5. Savarkar was sentenced to 2 life terms in 1910. British imprisoned him  from 1910-1937, out of which 10-11 years were in Andamans (5)
  6. Aged 22 & student Savarkar had organised first public bonfire of foreign clothes in Pune in 1905.Dis historic event was attended by Tilak(6)
  7. In 1910 Savarkar was arrested in London.Lawyers tried not to get his case transferred to India where he would receive harsher punishment(7)
  8. A fund collection drive was organised by his admirers who included Englishmen like David Garnett in 1910 when Savarkar was arrested (8)
  9. At d time wealthy J Nehru was studying in England. Niranjan Pal went to Nehru to ask for his contribution Nehru flatly refused to donate(9)
  10. For this cause of Savarkar in 1910, the Prince of Dharampur, Chandra Devji secretly donated Rs 500 (of those days). But Nehru refused (10)
  11. In 1935, a massive signature campaign was launched to demand Savarkar's  unconditional release. Jawaharlal Nehru refused to sign it! (11)
  12. On Jan 31,1948, a mob of 1500 people, mostly Congressmen attacked Savarkar's house in Mumbai.His younger brother,Narayanrao was injured (12)
  13. On 10 Feb 1949 court acquitted Veer Savarkar 'honourably and without blemish' in Gandhi murder case. Nehru government dared not appeal (13)
  14. But after his acquittal in 10 Feb 1949 Savarkar was ordered by Nehru Govt that to leave Delhi within 2 hours & not enter for 3 months! (14)
  15. The Nehru government did not even return Savarkar's ancestral house that  had been confiscated by the British on charge of sedition (15)
  16. Such was Nehrus terror in those days that Mumbai Akashwani refused to air a review of a book on Savarkar by noted critic Madhav Manohar(16)
  17. On pretext of maintaining law & order during Pak's Liaquat Alis visit,Nehru arrested 67-yr Savarkar on 4-4-1950 sent him to Belgaum jail(17)
  18. From there Savarkar was shifted to Hindalaga jail. Nehru kept Sheikh Abdullah in a bungalow in a hill-station when arrested for treason(18)
  19. Is it any wonder that such a party will call the Crown Prince of Indian Revolutionaries, Savarkar as a traitor?He opposed Nehru & Cong!(19)
  20. In Andamanas, Savarkar had (I) 6 months solitary confinement (II) 7 days  standing handcuffs (III) 10 days cross bar fetters imposed (20)
  21. How many Cong leaders suffered such punishments like Savarkar did?Nehru was allowed to fly to Europe to see his wife by British in 1935(21)
  22. When Nehru's wife was ill in Europe,British freed Nehru months before his term-end on 4 Sept 1935 in Almora & he went by plane to Europe(22)
  23. But d Savarkar bros met their family only once in 10 years in Andamans & in this meeting came to know elder bro's wife had died earlier(23)
  24. British were so harsh, they did not even inform either of the Savarkar brothers that their brother is also in same jail in Andamans!(24)
  25. Neither Veer Savarkar nor elder brother Babarao knew for many months that their other brother is also serving Kala Pani term in Andamans(25)
  26. British were humanitarian to Gandhiji but not to Savarkar.Gandhiji was given 6 years jail in 1922 but releasd in 1924 on health grounds(26)
  27. But Savarkar was forced to do work of a bull of taking out oil in Andamans.Prisoners committed suicide unable to bear torture there (27)
  28. British tortured Savarkar hoping he would commit suicide. Once in d Andamans he momentarily thought so,but staunchly fought & did not (28)
  29. Many who would have been in Savarkar's situation in Andamans would have committed suicide or died by d torture. Specially rich elite (29)
  30. The last heroic thing that Savarkar did was to give up his life  voluntarily in 1966. No man who has lost his nerves can do this (30)
  31. Savarkar himself talked of his letters to British in 1913 in Samagra Savarkar Vangamay Vol 1,pp 448/620,690.He was a disciple of Shivaji(31)
  32. Once in jail,all means fair & foul were justifiable to get out. So Savarkar wrote those letters as a ploy. British understood dat too (32)
  33. In Aurangazeb's jail in Agra Shivaji also wrote letters of apology,mercy & many promises.Cong looking for excuses to tarnish Savarkar (33)
  34. Those letters to British in 1913 were a ploy. British understood it & they had no effect on them.Cong also knows it but wants to defame(34)
  35. Savarkar fought death since aged 17 when he founded Mitramela.Jumped into sea from ship braving British bullets & swam to France in 1910(35)
  36. This man is insulted by Congress, called 'afraid of death' for writing a strategic letter of ploy in 1913? He gave his life volutarily!(36)
  37. Cong has a history of harassing Savarkar since 1910 when Nehru refused to donate for Savarkar. Read to know (37)
  38. Besides,Savarkar was an opponent of Congress ideology, Congress Party & Nehru. How will the party not defame him? Its Nehru family ltd(38)
  39. Those who dont acknowldge contribution of even non-loyalists of Nehru with Cong background(like Netaji,Hedgewar)will insult opponents (39)
  40. Congress' allegation that Savarkar supported the two-nation theory is answered here Savarkar himself clarified(40)
  41. J D Joglekar wrote a very scholarly article dismantling most Congress-Marxist allegations on Veer Savarkar (41)
  42. Full information on Swatantryaveer Savarkar (Meaning Hero of Independence Savarkar) can be got by reading  (42)
  43. Those of Italian origin who took 15 years after marriage to Rajiv in 1968 to apply for Indian citizenship insulting National Heros! (43)
  44. Further lies that RSS did not participate in the Freedom struggle are nailed here Hedgewar,Savarkar,RSS fought(44)
  45. Congress first demanded full Independence(Poorna Swarajya) for India  in December 1929, a full 44 years after its foundation in 1885 (45)
  46. And in its initial years, in the 1880s and 1890s,some Congress leaders openly stated the British Rule in India as the Providential Gift(46)
  47. Until 1929 Congress acceptd British Rule in India & demanded only dominion status. Insulting Savarkar who fought since age of 17 in 1900(47)
  48. Cong(which ceased to be same since 1969 when it became Cong(I) with a split)hid its own record of its 1st 44 particularly 1st 22 years(48)
  49. RSS pledge(Pratigya)used to contain words "Desh ko Swatantra Kar" ("Freeing the country") until Independence,right from the first day (49)
  50. But it took Congress 44 years to even DEMAND Poorna Swarajya from  1885-1929,while RSS PLEDGED full freedom from Day 1 of foundation (50)
  51. Savarkar was the FIRST Indian to organize a revolutionary movement for India's Independence on an international level in 1906 (51)
  52. Savarkar was the first graduate whose degree was withdrawn by an Indian University for striving for India's freedom  in 1911 (52)
  53. Savarkar successfully started a Ganeshotsava open to all Hindus including ex-untouchables in 1930 in Ratnagiri under captivity (53)
  54. Savarkar got "Patitpavan Mandir" open to all Hindus including ex-untouchables i.e. Dalits on 22 Feb 1931 wen he was under restriction(54)
  55. Savarkar got several temples open for Dalits in Maharashtra in his life. Some while he was still under restriction pre-1937 (55)
  56. In November 1943, Marathi biography of Veer Savarkar by SL Karandikar was banned by the British. So much they feared him even in 1943 (56)
  57. In Nov 1941, even a small biography of Savarkar by GP Parchure was banned by the British who feared it. But Cong calls him a Traitor! (57)
  58. British banned Savarkar's book "My Transportation for Life"(in Marathi titled "Majhi Janmathep")in 1934. British held it as seditious(58)
  59. Magazine Shraddhanand run by Savarkar’s brother Narayanrao which carried Savarkar’s articles was banned by British on 10 May 1930 (59)
  60. His "Indian War of Independence 1857" was banned in 1909 even before publication.Was published in Holland by selling wife's jewellary(60)
  61. In July 1931, Punjab Govt banned his biography in Urdu. This was followed by bans on his biographies in Tamil, Kannada, and Marathi (61)
To know a little about Savarkar read (62) 

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