Friday, 24 June 2016

Hindu convention pledged for Akhand Bharat

Acclamation of undivided Hindu Rashtra comprising Bharat, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Srilanka in Hindu Convention held at Goa.
Hindu Convention
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New Delhi | June 23, 2016:: It is reported by the media that as a mandate on Hindu Rashtra (Hindu-Nation-State) and Dharmarakshan (Protection of Righteousness), delegates of 5th All India Hindu Convention and the representatives of different organisations of Bharat and abroad formed a solidarity for an undivided Hindu Rashtra comprising Bharat, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. On its 4th day of the Akhil Bharatiya (All India) Hindu Adhiveshan (Convention), all the participants raised slogans acclaiming undivided Hindu Rashtra and spontaneously extended support to Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepalese Hindus put under distress and repression by the respective Govt and political powers.

As the 5th All India Hindu Convention took a shape of a plenary of the Hindus of Indian subcontinent, a new light of hope of undivided India is regenerated to alleviate the persecution on Hindus as an un-abetted fashion of ruling in India and its neighboring countries.

While Shri Maravanpulavu Satchidanandan, an ex-higher official in SL Govt. was posing a Hindu status in Sri Lanka, Shri Subhash Chakroborti, a veteran activist for Bangladesh and Pakistani refugees in India claimed the provision of proportionate land in the partitioned part of India for the rehabilitation of the uprooted Bengali and Sindhi Hindus from their actual motherland. Prof. Niranjan Ojha from Nepal pursued  an constitutional change in newly adopted Nepali Constitution to make a Hindu State again in Nepal by a meaningful and appropriate initiative of Indian Govt. with a strong support of crores of Hindu people in India. All of their aspirations finally presented the remaking of India and its neighbor as a strong and undivided Bharatvarsha as it was earlier united and functional under the Hindu culture, tradition and principles.
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