Thursday, 16 June 2016

Salaries To Imams and Muezzins in A.P

Imam Council
courtesy: Muslimmirror.Com
Andhra Pradesh To Pay Salaries To Imams and Muezzins 
In a Ramadan gift the Andhra Pradesh government announced payment of salaries to the imams and the muezzins who have no income. However, mosques with income generating properties are excluded from the scheme.
An Imam will get Rs 5000 a month as honorarium while a Muezzin will be paid Rs 3000 a month. Only the natives of AP will get the honorarium. Imams and Muezzins from other states but working in Andhra for the last three years will also benefit from the scheme.
The AP State Wakf Board will pay the salaries and the state government will provide the necessary grant. The demand for payment of salaries to the mosque staff has been pending for more than two decades.
The Wakf Board had expressed its inability to pay the honorarium citing insufficient funds. The state government has directed the Board to improve its revenue through proper development and protection of its properties.
The mosques should be registered with the Wakf Board. The Muthavalli or the management committee of the mosque concerned will send the proposals to the Wakf Board for approval. If a mosque has two or more Imams and Muezzins, the senior most among them will get the honorarium. The beneficiaries should possess Aadhar card, and household supply card, passport or driving licence for proof of residence. They should be living in the area where the mosque is located.
Those on part time or performing the services for one or two prayers a day or performing special prayers during festivals and Eids are not eligible under the scheme.

Courtesy: Times of India

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