Friday, 26 August 2016

Saheed Churka Murmu Balidan Diwas

Photo of Saheed Churka Murmu Balidan Diwas
A photo of Saheed Churka Murmu Balidan Diwas

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Kerala : ISIS and Love Jihad

A time appropriate article published on VSK Telengana on 02 August 2016 is here by reproduced for our visitors who could not avail the article.
ISIS and Love Jihad : The Deadly Combination In Kerala 

Love Jihad
December 11, 1999, was a black day for the Hindus of Kerala and Bharat as it was this day that Kerala’s renowned poet, short story writer and a great Krishna Bhakt, Madhavikutty Aka Kamala Das converted to Islam. She wore a Purdah and said that she has embraced Islam. It was indeed a shock for the Malayalee community as she was one of the best writers of the state who was shortlisted for Nobel Prize in literature in the year 1984 and had written several short stories which had influenced the youths and the Keralite community. Kamala Das can be considered as one of the foremost victim of Love Jihad which was planned and executed to the fullest by an influential political leader of the Muslim League who had promised to marry her even though he had two wives and children.
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