Monday, 16 October 2017

Swastika a pious symbol

Read an exclusive article on the Swastika  symbol written by Hemant Padhya.

Swastika/ Culture & Heritage: Pious Symbol Distorted by West 

Swastika is the only symbol in the world which has no barriers of culture, religion, race, language and civilisation - Hemant Padhya

Swastika symbol
Deepawali is the cardinal festival in the Vedic or Hindu calendar. Although it is known as festival of lights, it is also a festival of feast, worship and colourful floor patterns called Rangoli. The colourful floor patterns drawn during the Deepawali festival to welcome Goddess Lakshmi is dominated by the symbol of Swastika as it represents Shakti and good luck. Swastika has a great significance in all Vedic or Hindu religious rituals and sacraments.
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