Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Science Channel Says Ram Setu Is 7000 Years Old

Here is an amazing news article which reveals some unique aspects about Ram Setu already been published on Rebellion Voice, reproduced as editor's choice for our visitors.

 There is often debate about the existence of Ram Setu. While the Hindu organizations claim that this is the same Ram Setu, which is mentioned in the Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas, there is a party which only makes it a mere myth or imagination. In 2007, on the issue of Ram Sethu, the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court by the Congress Government was a big political issue.

However, now a science channel has claimed with facts that Ram Sethu cannot be said that it is complete imagination because there is evidence that the stones on this sand line between India and Sri Lanka are about 7000 years old.Science Channel on Monday posted a video on Twitter, which gets viral in India very rapidly.
In the video, some geologists and scientists have claimed that the stones found on Ramsetu are quite different and extremely ancient.

According to geologist Alan Lester, ‘Hindu Rama is referring to the construction of such a bridge by Lord Rama. After researching this, it was found that these stones present on the surface of the sand are brought from somewhere else. Even though these stones came from where and how it came, it is still a mystery.
Archaeologist Chelsea Rose says, “When we came to know the age of these stones, it was discovered that these stones are elder than the lofty ground at which they exist.” These stones are nearly 7000 years old, whereas at the sand level the presence of these stone, it is only 4000 years old.
The channel claims that this study clearly shows that this structure is not natural, but created by humans. According to the channel, many historians believe that it must have been created almost 5000 years ago and if so, then doing it at that time is a big thing for a normal human being.

Courtesy and Source : Rebellion Voice

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  1. Has anybody tried to contact Archaeologist Chelsea Rose, as to which experiment she performed for dating the stones on the Rama Setu? Where are her experimental results and where is the reference to the Jourbnal where the results were published.


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