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Practical Tips to raise your site's search engine ranking within a very short time.


Posted March 2, 2013
If you are very unhappy for not getting a good ranking in search lists of Google,Yahoo,Bing and none of your tips and tricks are not giving desired result then you are at right place.
If you want to raise your site's search engine ranking within a very short time follow the following procedure,this will give you a magical result.
1.Create a sub-domain of your main domain (
2.Install a free whois finder script in that domain
3.Create some (100-150)html whois pages for domains using the installed script manually for getting instant result.(Always try to add newly appeared medium sites on internet + Try to create the whois of some whois finder sites for best results.)
4.Submit your site to Google, Bing and to other search engines using Webmasters tool.
5.Wait for 3-5 days.
6.You will find all your pages are included in search lists of Google,Bing,Yahoo and others giving a high weight for your aforesaid sub domain including your other sub domains as well as main domain.
Last of all I would say try to go through the internet for whois finder sites which are flourishing day by day without having any real content created by them except copying some whois results readily available with the root registrars.Also these sites are not affected by so called Google Panda and Penguin.

Article No.2

Tuffer's Multifarious Activities

Posted December 3, 2012
Tuffer.Org serves for your all online purposes. A multifarious featured site on Internet.
Tuffer.Org's mission is to provide multifarious online services to it's visitors.

We are developing our featured services with priority and most of the services  are not available now Since we are in very initial stage.

We have just started our site today and within a few hours site will be ready to provide different services to our visitors and customers.

You will be able to use Tuffer.Org as one of the best platform to communicate your views with the world.

Online Business and Shopping of Tuffer.Org will help you to purchase/sale smoothly and securely.Other
usual features like News,Articles,Analysis will be available free of cost on this site.

For promoting your views and articles on various Topics on NET will be one of the best feature of the site.
Just stay with us to take advantages of services and other events as per your choice.Thanks...




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